How does Cryo-EM Accelerate Research?

Unlocking the mysteries behind disease

Today, a growing number of scientists are turning to cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) as a critical tool in their research. Already, the method is leading to major scientific breakthroughs, helping researchers to unravel the mysteries behind a wide range of diseases.

For example, protein aggregation is a hallmark of many neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s, yet the mechanisms linking aggregation to neurotoxicity have been poorly understood, in part, because we have limited information on the structure of these aggregates. Determining the atomic structures of these aggregates is crucial to understanding their formation, clearance, and spread in the human body.

Using cryo-EM, scientists can analyze aggregate structures at molecular resolution within pristinely preserved cellular environments. The results are shedding new light on the cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, which one day will lead to better treatments for patients with a range of neurological disorders.

Multi-level support at every stage

From day one to year one and beyond, you can rely on our expertise to support both your investment and your research endeavors. Our highly knowledgeable cryo-EM application specialists can assist with everything from sample preparation to data processing. Our Cryo-EM School combines online instruction with practical training to transform your lab personnel into cryo-electron microscopists. Rest assured when you trust your long-term ongoing support to a cryo-EM leader currently supporting 100+ systems worldwide.

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Advice for planning and building

Control costs and limit laboratory downtime by relying on our advanced expertise of lab infrastructure. This expertise manifests as early as product selection, with instruments designed for varying lab spaces. Once your decision has been made, we perform a site survey to ensure all requirements are met prior to beginning installation. We even address often overlooked “gotchas” so there are no surprises; gotchas such as sample preparation needs, IT resources to handle big data, environmental conditions needed for the facility and more.

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Flexible options to get you in the game

Don’t let other institutions garner the praise and funding that comes with hosting a world-class cryo-EM laboratory. We provide a variety of ways to meet your financial needs, from assistance with grants to leasing and financing options. Our experts are well versed in the unique procurement requirements of universities, governments, industry and research labs. In addition, our years of expertise can help you avoid unexpected expenses by properly planning for running costs, such as personnel, power consumption and data storage.

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Possible pathway to new treatments

Drug development at the pace demanded by today's growing and aging society requires the study of molecular mechanisms as close as possible to in vivo at high resolution. Cryo-EM has now moved to the forefront of drug discovery. This method has already proven itself instrumental in furthering our understanding of the Zika and Ebola viruses, HIV and age-related neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. More and more institutions are joining this “Resolution Revolution” to advance modern medicine.

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Want to ensure properly prepared cryo-EM samples?

As a vital step in the cryo-EM workflow, it is important to properly understand and follow the sample preparation steps. Possessing the right set of instruments to prepare a cryo-EM sample is also key. Learn more about the requirements and discover how we can provide workflow assistance.

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